Welcome to who I am. I guess we all came and went from somewhere. Born and raised near the low country beaches of Georgetown, SC, I moved to Natchez, MS during the tumultuous summer of Beatles in 1964.
Natchez... In Natchez I was introduced to the guitar and the songs of the Beatles by neighbor and friend, Jack Chance. This "chance" meeting set me on the path of music to this very day. Natchez was also the town where I began a 10-year career as an on-air disc jockey for many radio stations during my college years. I was spinning discs in many different styles of music: classical, rock, jazz and folk.
Oxford to Tallahassee...
By 1976, when I began teaching on the faculty of Berklee College of Music in Boston, I had completed a Bachelor's Degree in Composition and Music Theory (Ole Miss, Oxford), and a Master's Degree in Music History and Literature (FSU, Tallahassee). With my two diplomas in classical studies -- and lots of Beatle songs under my belt -- I began what was to become a long and enjoyable career at Berklee, now entering my fourth decade.
Boston... As director, guitarist, and singer, I led two extremely successful all-student shows at Berklee in 1979 and 1980 celebrating the 39th and 40th birthdays of John Lennon and his music. In 1981 after Lennon's tragic death, I created a course at Berklee called "The Music of John Lennon". Twenty-five years later, the class is still filled to capacity every single semester..

In my time at Berklee I have taught traditional classes on music theory, music history, and counterpoint, as well as pop/jazz arranging and private voice lessons. But during the last 20 years, I have focused my teaching on songwriting, pop/jazz theory, and guitar/vocal accompanying classes.

I have the pleasure of working with Berklee's most talented student writers as they play and sing their original songs. Each Fall semester, I am the director of Berklee's annual "Performer/Songwriter Showcase." Each Spring semester I assume dual roles as director of "Songwriter's Circle," and as co-director of the annual "Songwriters' Night

Around Beantowne... From time to time I perform with my all-Beatles band -- The Blue Meanies -- where, along with Rick, Matt, and Steve, I sing and play the John Lennon parts of the many Beatle songs in our repertoire. I also perform my original songs with different band line-ups at Berklee and throughout the New England area.

I have two CDs of my original songs available, and I am currently working on a third. My songwriting styles range from Beatle-influenced songs to alternative, metal, and folk. Having completed my first book on John Lennon's songs during his time with the Beatles, I am currently working on a new book about the songs from Lennon's solo period.

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